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Barre and Conditioning Classes

Barre is for everyone!  It is a fun, energizing total body workout set to music.  Join us and watch your body change!​  Barre combines pilates, yoga, ballet and sculpting methods with small, precise movements to target and tone trouble spots.  Our instructors are trained in the Total Barre™ Method and each class ensures a complete workout including core, arms, legs, balance, strength and stretch.  However, each instructor is encouraged to bring their own unique flair based on their fitness backgrounds and personality to their classes.  We also offer a PILOXING BARRE®, Fusion Pilates, SWEAT Barre, Yoga and Interval Training classes.  You will never get bored!  For best results come 3-4 times a week.  You will notice tighter abs, a toned bottom and sculpted thighs.  Plus you will develop longer, leaner definition and better balance and flexibility.​  For class descriptions see our schedule.

NOTE: Grip socks required for all barre and pilates classes.


Group Pilates Equipment Classes

Our pilates reformer classes utilize spring resistance on the reformer machine to give you a complete workout including focus on breath work to promote mindfulness, strength training to build long and lean muscles and core stability exercises to gain abdominal strength and balance.  Our programming combines classic pilates repertoire with creative and fun strength and flexibility programming.  Our various classes utilize spring walls, HALO and BOSU trainers, stability chairs and cardio trampolines to offer lots of options and variations so you will not get bored and you will keep seeing results!  Taught by highly trained instructors each class is hands on attention to form and proper movement.  We offer beginner class workshops monthly. For class descriptions and times view our schedule

NOTE: Grip socks required for all pilates lessons.

Class Schedule

Upcoming Workshops for New Clients


Memberships and Packages

We offer 3 different options!  Monthly unlimited membership options, individual class packages or a combination of reformer and barre classes.  Memberships must be on autopay and include monthly guest passes and a ten percent discount on studio retail.  Class packages are sold in packs of 5 or 10 either as reformer or barre and expire in 12 weeks. Worried about a monthly commitment,  we offer combination packages include a mix of reformer and barre and expire in 1 month.

Unlimited Class Memberships

Can't get enough of barre this package is perfect for you! Unlimited burn, shake and sweat! Take barre, fusion or piloxing classes as much as you like each month! No limit, you can come twice a day. 6 and 12 month options on autopay.
Starting at $99 per month.

6 Month Barre

We offer great student rates for unlimited barre! Special! $79 one month unlimited no commitment. $159 for 3 month unlimited (3 month autopay).
Includes all Barre, Interval Training, Piloxing, Fusion, Yoga. Must befull time high school or college student with ID.

1 Month Student

Individual and Combination Class Packages

Reformer Classes

Purchase a single class for $30 or buy more and save! 5 for $145, 10 for $249 or 20 for $440.
Or for the best deal - 5 reformer expiring in 30 days just $100!
Student drop in $20 with valid ID (full time students)
New clients can purchase trial reformer for $20. Each month beginner classes are held - check schedule for latest.

Purchase Reformer

Barre Classes

Purchase a single class for $20 or buy more and save! 5 for $90 or 10 for $140 - expiring in 12 weeks.
Or for the best deal - 10 classes expiring in 30 days $100.
Student drop in $10 with valid ID (full time students only)
New clients can purchase trial barre for $10.

Purchase Barre

Combination Packages

Want to take a mix of reformer and barre but don't want to make a monthly commitment - no problem! We offer combination packages to give you the best of both worlds. These packages are a great deal and expire in 1 month. 10 barre plus 5 reformer only $188 or 6 barre plus 4 reformer $140!

Combination Packages